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February 12, 2021

2021 Public Entity Safety Initiative Grant Winners

NYS Public Entities Safety Group 497 and its Executive Committee are pleased to announce the following as winners of the 2021 Public Entity Safety Initiative Grant:

  • Glenville Hill FD #8 - located in Glenville, NY - who will be using their grant towards Pi-Lit 10-light rechargeable flares with carrying case, Pi-Lit Helicopter Landing Zone Kit, Fire Ninja Safety Vests, "FIRE ACTIVITY AHEAD" 48" sign, and ICS Position Vests;

  • Delmar FD - located in Delmar, NY - who will be using their grant towards a firefighter’s personal protective equipment (PPE) drying cabinet;

  • Village of Flower Hill - located in Manhasset, NY - who will be using their grant towards four LED street lights; and

  • Woodstock FD - located in Bearsville, NY - who will be using their grant towards portable backpack pumps, Pulaski axes, council rakes, McLeod raking tools, and thingamajig scraping tools.

The purpose of this grant program was to offer up to a $5,000 award to an active Safety Group 497 member that applied for consideration by outlining their organization’s specific equipment and/or training needs as it relates to employee safety. The recipient of this award was to be based on the cumulative factor of the effectiveness of the safety equipment/training being requested as well as the financial need of the organization. 

The Executive Committee received a number of applications, all of which were very well-deserving of the safety grant initiative award.

Thank you to the entire group of applicants to this year’s Safety Initiative Grant sponsored by the Safety Group 497 Executive Committee. The goal of Safety Group 497 is to assist all members with reducing workplace accidents and we encourage our members to seek our assistance whenever possible to help make that happen.